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Floral Tabletops That Inspire

With Spring comes the undeniable urge to entertain and take the party outdoors!

For me so much of the ocassion is about flowers and tabletop decor that transport your guests someplace special.

This new twist on a floral centerpiece, combined with gold rimmed crystal and  cascade of taper candles, creates a gorgeous and dramatic setting. And translates to a formal dinner or backyard BBQ! 

Thanks to @Calypsostbarth and @everylastdetailblog for sharing this inspirational concept!

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Obsessed with Kitchens

Ever since moving into my house I’ve been fantasizing about remodeling the kitchen and transforming what is now a small efficiency space into a large indoor/outdoor kitchen and living room combo. The foundation is there and I see the vision, just need to get started on the project!

In the meantime, whenever I see a kitchen I love it gets saved to my “home aspirations board”, and this one from Amber Interiors is the latest one for the board!

The grey/blue cabinetry with gold accent hardware, mixed beautifully with a textured combination of wood and marble surfaces, create a sophisticated yet warm environment. 

Then when you add this beautifully worn oriental rug and view windows over the sink, you have an inviting space I would never want to leave!

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Holiday Blooms Make Me Happy

With temps falling and the smell of hearth fires burning, I feel a sudden and primal desire for holiday decorating!

I normally don’t start until after Thanksgiving because we traditionally spend the holiday with my family in Minneapolis. But this year following the loss of my mother, we’re all scattering to the wind…but Chloe and I are staying put right at home.

So YAY! I can make our house holiday ready NOW…starting with beautiful blooms like these freestanding amaryllis bulbs painted in holiday gold and silver. A genius concept. Thank you Trader Joes!

And it wouldn’t be happiness without orchids, lots and lots of orchids!

I put this arrangement together with plants from my favorite local flower store, Blooming Vase, and parsimon colored berry branches, also from from Trader Joes…

As my mother would say, “what texture!”.


And of course, I always like to echo the power of THREE in my design…in this case the plants & greenery, the books as accent pieces, and treasured Thai buddha from my fave home store in LA,¬†Nell’s. Sadly the store is no longer there, the owners relocated to¬†Chattanooga TN.

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Living Room Transformation

After exhaustive research and an endless deliberation process, I finally took the plunge with this pendant chandelier in the living room and am so happy with it!

It came in both a silver and gold finish, but ultimately I decided the gold would work better with the warmer tones and compliment the marigold, brown and wheat accent colors.

And the best part about it is the light! 

We never spent much time in the living room because it was always so dark, even with floor lamps everywhere.  

Now with the all of the beautiful light from the chandelier, plus the cans I installed over the fireplace, I never want to leave this room!


 Crystorama Broche Pendant Chandelier

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Gold Olive Leaf Chandelier
Gold Olive Leaf Chandelier

Our living room is calling out for a bold hanging fixture, not only to bring in more light, but also to fill the cavernous space and add dimension to the room.

I found this amazing pendant chandelier at a local lighting dealer and am torn between the gold finish and the silver, the 24 inch or the 30 inch. The gold finish ties in with the marigold armchair and accents, and overall feels like a better fit with the warm tones in the room. The size could go either way, the room is large enough to support a 30 inch fixture and between us, I’m leaning towards Go Big or Go Home.

My husband’s first reaction was “Game of Thrones”…chalk it off to the male species.

Setting that reference aside, think I may have found the perfect solution for the space and the newest addition to our house design projects!