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Installing My New Cable Rail Stair System

After a few fits and starts finding the right materials and stair installation company, I’m finally seeing my cable rail system come together!

These in-progress pics will give you a glimpse into the look I wanted to achieve, clean and modern with an airiness that will lighten up my small space.

A big difference compared to the original stairs and wrought iron rails…

Re-doing the stairs was a huge learning process, which started in June! 

I discovered how incredibly specialized this area is. There are only a handful of qualified cable rail installers in the Bay Area and since they’re so scarce they charge a premium and treat you like you’re lucky to be getting their service. One company actually turned down my job!

But when it’s all done I think it will all have been worth it. 

Just a few more steps to a complete transformation…I have to repaint the stairs, hang a light fixture in the landing and install the carpet runner.

Final pics to come soon!


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